The Beekeepers was founded by John Klapac in 1973. Since its first days of operation The Beekeepers has been active in finding ways to help the homeowners and businesses get rid of their stinging insect problems. Not without collaboration with University of Maryland , John Klapac’s diligence and ever-curious mind gave its results: for over 25 years Washington DC metropolitan area residents have been enjoying a different kind of stinging insect removal. Urgent service, quite competitive pricing, 6-month guarantee, customer’s safety and well-being-in-mind approach- those have been the main factors behind The Beekeepers success and growth with no or little advertising.

Along with professional removal of stinging insects, John Klapac has been prolific in his research to develop a mite-resistant honey bee strain. In particular, it is hard to overestimate his input in developing a new strain of mite-resistant honey bee based on a Yugoslavian strain. In the early 1990’s John received several grants for that purpose. In 1993, he was honored as one of three apiculturalists to be asked by the USDA to introduce the new “YUGO BEE” strain (ARS-Y-C-1) into the US commercial beekeeping industry.

Our Values
We in The Beekeepers strongly believe that all of our customers should be treated equally, fairly and respectfully. Unlike others, we do not state that our customers are always right, we believe they are ALWAYS…WE acknowledge that the type of business we are in, life and death situation could be a daily occurrence. Dealing with chemicals, stinging or biting insects inside a home, being allergic to bee stings: those are the things most of our customers go through. Hence, We operate our customer’s PEACE OF MIND in mind.

Our Guarantee
Our 6-month guarantee applies to work performed at the same location, for the same type of insect treatment. Our guarantee does not apply to work attempted by others prior to our service and does not exceed beyond the current calendar year and it is valid for bee removal services ONLY.